Generating respect for the law



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The e-briefing you are about to enter presents the results of the reflection led by the ICRC’s Law and Policy Forum on how to generate respect for international humanitarian law (IHL). Based on the editorial of the International Review of the Red Cross edition of the same title by Vincent Bernard, it focusses on ways to prevent IHL violations. Divided into 5 sections, it first discusses the need to invest in efforts to ensure respect for human life and dignity, then addresses manners in which this could be done. As such, sections 2, 3 and 4 examine different avenues for generating respect for the law, from dissemination to training and research. Section 5 concludes by looking at what actors involved in the humanitarian field can do looking forward.

Throughout the e-briefing, you will be presented with multimedia glimpses into different projects undertaken by the ICRC as part of the reflection on how to generate respect for the law. The focus is put on conferences on this theme held in various cities around the world, an exhibition presented at the Humanitarium, the ICRC’s conference center in Geneva and an academic project led by the CICR in collaboration with four law clinics.

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